Stonewall Cemetery – Fairfield County

A shorter post this time. I wanted to highlight this very interesting little cemetery just a few miles outside of Lancaster in Fairfield County.


It was built in the 1830s as a familial burial ground for the Wilson family. In an effort to try and ensure that this plot of land would be taken care of and protected, Nathaniel Wilson deeded the cemetery to the current sitting President, James Monroe…and every future sitting President. This has led to the cemetery to be called The President’s Acre. According to the Fairfield County Parks site, only FDR has ever officially acknowledged the site.


Unfortunately, the cemetery has been a frequent target of vandalism. If you look really closely on the walls, you can see initials and swastikas typical of bored teenagers in rural Ohio carved into the rocks. The headstones have all pretty much been destroyed, and the gate remains locked all the time.


When you step back a bit though, you get quite an interesting structure. Stonewall Cemetery is a 12-sided structure, built with hand carved stone. These stones were so carefully cut, that no mortar is needed to keep it together. If you look really closely, there are a few places where you can find sunlight that barely seeps through. Also, the keystone in the gate is said to be aligned directly with the North Star.


This is a nice little hidden gem, just a half-mile off Route 22. There is a nice little parking lot, so parking is easy. There’s not much else to the park beyond a couple benches, so you’re not making a day out of this stop. But it’s a neat structure, with an interesting history that’s worth spending 15-20 minutes visiting.


If you’d like to see more pics, please check out the flickr album…

Stonewall Cemetery

End of post update: I recently gained another shift at work, which may impede my travel schedule a little bit. I still have a few posts in the chamber for upcoming weeks, and a couple “random thought” posts I want to play around with as well. Just a heads up that things may slow down, but nothing is going to stop me from visiting all 88 counties!

This one makes 5.


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