The Heritage Center

About a mile or so from the Hartman Rock Garden I covered in another post is The Heritage Center (aka the Clark County Historical Society). The first thing you’ll notice about this museum center is the building itself. It’s an amazing looking place. When it was built over 100 years ago, it was Springfield’s City … Continue reading The Heritage Center


Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

(Just a quick note: I’ve been taking pictures at the zoo all year, so don’t be confused when pictures have snow in them and the tress don’t have leaves)

Alternate titles for this post include “Why I love the zoo, even though I’m terrified of animals” and “What to do at the Zoo besides look at animals” For those that know me, my fear of animals is deep and pretty much universal…yet I do love the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and have visited it on average 3 times a month this year.

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