Honda Heritage Center

I’d wager that if you asked 10 Ohioans what they think of first when you mention Marysville that 9 of them would say Honda.  The 10th person is probably thinking of Marion, and blurts out “Popcorn!” In 1979, Honda built their first American production facility just off Route 33 about 7 miles northwest of Marysville. … Continue reading Honda Heritage Center


Marietta sits at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers. It served as one of the larger settlements of Hopewell Indians for many years, and some of the largest earthworks made by those people were later discovered by settlers in this area. In 1770, George Washington himself led the expedition to survey this land. … Continue reading Marietta

Mount Vernon

This one’s going to be a little different. Mount Vernon is a very nice little town in the center of Knox County. The thing is that when I started researching places to visit in Knox County for this project, I didn’t find a whole lot of much interest. Yes, there is a history center, but … Continue reading Mount Vernon

Ye Olde Mill

When I started this project, I asked for some help in building a list of destinations to visit. One of the most frequently named ones was Ye Olde Mill in Utica. Ye Olde Mill is the corporate and production home of the Velvet Ice Cream company. They are one of several nationally known Ohio ice … Continue reading Ye Olde Mill

The Works – Licking County

Most museums you visit cover one thing. Art, history, science, salt & pepper shakers…whatever. You typically only deal with one topic in most museums. The Works in Newark is just a little bit different. The Works combines an art gallery, science experiments, and local history into one packed building. It even has some surprises for … Continue reading The Works – Licking County